Make holidays special with Rhinestone Holiday T-Shirts

Rhinestone T-Shirts are a great way to make any day better but when it comes to holidays and festivals, these tees aren’t just a brilliant outfit option, they are also a good gift idea for friends and family. Our holiday t-shirts incorporate the important elements of a specific holiday, so you can wear the shirt on the day and gift it to loved ones too. From Christmas to the Fourth of July, there is no occasion we don’t have rhinestone designs for. Don’t let any special occasion pass by without the dazzle of bejeweled t-shirts.

4th July Holiday Shirt

4th July Holiday Shirt

Saint Patrick’s Day Designs


With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, these designs have become immensely sought after- so you should order yours too. Because this holiday is all about having fun and remembering this Irish Saint, our designs reflect that. We use clovers, shamrocks, top hats and beer mugs to recreate the festivity of the holiday onto our shirts. The green rhinestones are meant to follow the tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day, allowing you to wear green and look great.


Fourth of July T-Shirts


Nothing beats the sparkle of fireworks on the 4th of July. This is why our Independence Day rhinestone designs are so popular, because they capture the spirit of the holiday. From rhinestone eagles and flags to fireworks, we try to get as creative as possible. We love taking ordinary things, such as a heart and turning into a symbol of patriotism by using white, red and blue rhinestones to create it. This means no two 4th July designs are the same and you have a huge variety to choose from.


Easter Rhinestone Shirts


Kids love Easter and kids love the dazzle of rhinestones. Our Easter t-shirts range includes designs for adults and kids that feature bunnies, eggs and a whole host of other fun designs. These shirts are a great way to get kids excited about Easter and because they can be easily washed, you don’t have to worry about your child getting their shirt dirty. You can even get matching rhinestone tees for your entire family and make the holiday even more memorable.


Light up your Christmas wardrobe


We all know Christmas jumpers never go out of style- but it’s time you mix things up on Christmas with rhinestone t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Because the whole world seems to light up in December, we try to capture that in our designs. That’s why we use lots of different rhinestone colors to create Christmas trees, snowmen, candy cane, presents, stockings and so much more.  Especially if you live in a hotter city, these t-shirts are the perfect attire for your holiday photos.
The best part about ordering rhinestone holiday t-shirts is the amazing prices- you get to create a personalized gift for each loved one that suits their personality and will be actually useful for them without leaving a dent in your pocket. For larger orders, we offer wholesale pricing too.

How to style a custom rhinestone t-shirt

Custom rhinestone t-shirts are all the rage now, especially since summer is just around the corner. The best thing about a rhinestone shirt is that you can dress it up or down depending on where you are headed and what mood you are in. Today we’re going to share some of the ways you can style your custom rhinestone t-shirt, so you can wear it on multiple occasions. We all know the classic rhinestone t-shirt and jeans combination, but what else can you do?



Dress up your rhinestone tank with a cool skirt


Worded rhinestone tanks, especially in white, are our favourite rhinestone design because there is so much you can do with them. For instance, if your white tank has a clear crystal design, then you can dress it up with a fun skirt. From pastels to black or even sequined skirts, there is nothing your tank top won’t look great with.


Pair an edgy rhinestone design with distressed denim


Now that distressed jeans are back in fashion, we just can’t get enough of them. And neither will you be able to once you pair your distressed jeans with a cool and edgy rhinestone design. There are tonnes of biker chick, skull, cross and bone designs that you can choose from. Add a leather jacket and some boots are you are all set for a casual night out.


For errands and everyday wear, add a matching rhinestone tote


If there is one thing we’re obsessed with more than rhinestone tees, it’s totes. A tote bag is great for everyday wear because it’s lightweight, handy and can store so much. While most totes are boring and dull, rhinestones can just make them so much more fun and stylish. We love pairing our t-shirts with matching tote bags. Your outfit becomes cuter and much more functional.


Add a blazer for a more professional look


While t-shirts are a great casual dressing option, sometimes you may want to look more chic in a tee you love. An easy way to do this is by simply adding a blazer to your look. Find a blazer that is funky and matches your tee- don’t pair you shirt with a blazer that completely clashes with it. If your shirt is white or black you can choose whatever blazer you like, but for other colors try to look for a neutral colored blazer.


Shorts for casual tees


A rhinestone t-shirt is by definition a casual dressing choice. And because you’re most likely wearing yours when it’s hot out, the most obvious choice would be to wear it with a some shorts.


Belt up oversized t-shirts, add accessories

If your tee hangs loose on you, add a belt around your waist to add more definition. For shirts whose rhinestone design is minimal, add a statement necklace to add to the bling.


Now that you have these great tips on styling your rhinestone t-shirt go ahead and order yours. And this isn’t even it. There are so many other things you can pair your bedazzled shirt with. 

Four reasons why you need to get your hands on Personal Rhinestone T-Shirts

No matter who you are and what you do, odds are you have more than a few t-shirts in your closet. You can dress them up, pair them with literally anything and get so much use out of t-shirts. This is why t-shirts are our absolute favorite piece of clothing. If there’s one t-shirt that everyone needs, it’s a personal rhinestone t-shirts. Here are four great reasons why your wardrobe needs one (or more) immediately.


Create your personal style


Most t-shirts are cute and fun to wear, but often they’re very similar. How many times have we seen pop art or the exact same phrase on various different tees? If you’re someone who believes in individuality, this may put you off from buying t-shirts off the rack. This is why you need a personal rhinestone t-shirt, whose design reflects your personality and distinctive taste. Not only are rhinestones super in right now, but they also help you turn any day from boring to sensational. Think of designs, colors and t-shirt styles that you would want to wear often- if you’re putting so much thought into a tee it’s a good idea to make sure it’s your dream shirt.


Great for marketing


Beyond the simple idea that they let you express yourself, personal rhinestone t-shirts are great because they’re a brilliant, low cost and effective marketing tool. What your design looks like will depend on what you want to market- a brand, product or even yourself. Even if you don’t plan on selling your designs for profit, just wearing a shirt around will get people to notice your brand. A great way to do this is to simply get your logo rhinestoned onto the shirt and develop people’s interest in what it represents.


Cost effective clothing


We all love clothes, buying them, wearing them, everything. The only downside is most nice outfits are just so expensive but you can’t keep wearing the same outfit over and over. So essentially you’re spending large bucks on something you can’t use more than several times. This is what makes personal rhinestone t-shirts so awesome! Not only are you spending very little compared to other pieces, but you can also wear them repeatedly because they can be paired with so many things to create a whole new look.


Rhinestones make casual outfits more formal


T-Shirts are meant to be casual, everyday wear and for the most part they are. But sometimes you want to be comfy without making it seem like you didn’t make an effort. This is where rhinestone tees come in handy. Even if paired with a simple skirt, they make you look composed and classy. The best part is you’re super comfortable and look great.

And it goes without saying but designing your own personal rhinestone t-shirt can be a whole load of fun. A little creativity goes a long way not only in designing a brilliant shirt but also in making yourself happier.

Custom Fashion Rhinestone T Shirts

What fashion trends are catching right now? One of the most popular and fashionable clothing item right now is custom fashion rhinestone T shirts. Now only do these shirts look great, but the ability to customize them with fabulous rhinestones makes these custom fashion rhinestone T shirts ever more trendy.

What are custom fashion rhinestone T shirts?

Custom fashion rhinestone T shirts incorporate all of the best styles and trends in women’s fashion, decorated with gorgeous rhinestones. The great things about custom fashion rhinestone T shirts is that you can have them reflect your own personality while looking good in trendy apparel.

What are the benefits of having custom fashion rhinestone T shirts?

Wearing custom fashion rhinestone T shirts is a great way to show people that you know your fashion. You can also get them customized to reflect your own personal creativity, giving your custom fashion rhinestone T shirts a unique flavor that no one else is wearing. If you’re tired of buying clothes and then seeing someone else wearing the same thing, custom fashion rhinestone T shirts are for you.

What are the best custom fashion rhinestone T shirts?

The best custom fashion rhinestone T shirts are those that best represent the personality of the person wearing the custom fashion rhinestone T shirts. With a variety of designs available in addition to the ability to customize any shirt you want, the possibilities are limitless. There are so many trendy styles to choose from for custom fashion rhinestone T shirts that you will undoubtedly find something that they like, or be inspired to make their own.

Where can you find custom fashion rhinestone T shirts?

There are a wide variety of festive styles, themes and custom fashion rhinestone T shirts designs available at that you will love. You also have the option of creating your own custom fashion rhinestone T shirts right here.

For those who own a retail location, there are many benefits to ordering custom fashion rhinestone T shirts for your customers. With the popularity and high demand for these custom fashion rhinestone T shirts, placing a wholesale order for custom fashion rhinestone T shirts has become a powerful tool for fashion clothing stores everywhere. Order your wholesale custom fashion rhinestone T shirts today to receive them as soon as possible. You can find discounts on wholesale custom fashion rhinestone T shirts here.

Customized Rhinestone Designs

Customized Rhinestone Designs and Expertise .

Rhinestone Wear Experienced & Expert Designers

  • We, Rhinestone Wear, have an extensive experience in creating up to the mark Rhinestone designs.
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World Class Quality Rhinestone Products

  • We guarantee you world class quality of our Rhinestone T-shirts and incredible services in customized rhinestone designs.
  • Our expertise in making perfect rhinestone designed t-shirt satisfied our customers through their tiredness and constant hard work.

Tell Us your Design

  • Fill the form above, and let us work for what you would like to etch or carve on your T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Aprons or Tote Bags.
  • Our skilled certified staff will make the Rhinestone design as per your choice (with infinite reviews until you are entirely satisfied).
  • When you are completely satisfied, we will customize your Rhinestone/Glitter/Vinyl T-Shirt, Rhinestone/Glitter/vinyl Hoodie or Rhinestone Sweat Shirt according to your chosen design.

We Valued Our Customer’s Satisfaction

  • It is our protocol of work, and you don’t need to worry about the quality of material and design. Rhinestone Wear assures you sturdiness and constancy of its Customized Rhinestone Tees.

Add Bling to Your Celebrations

  • Doesn’t matter you are celebrating a birthday of your dearest ones, or lobbying a bridal or bachelorette party or chipping in a sports activity. Let we help you design your custom rhinestone wear as we bring you the right option of colors and sizes.
  • Wide variety of Rhinestone & Glitter Designs
  • We are a connoisseur in customizing your apparel with Rhinestones, Glitter, Vinyl, Embroidery, Silk Screen or any combination of above.
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The Modern Trend of Rhinestones Fashion

Rhinestone T-Shirts for Girls

Girls Night Out Rhinestone T-Shirt

The art of music has always been a center of creation for all the renowned trends that have crossed all heights of the fashion market. Not very long when Elvis Presley and Liberace started wearing the rhinestone jackets and trousers making it a must wear style for majority of the music hot shots and here we are at present where it has become a must in every glamorous appearing in all sorts of society gatherings.

Rhinestones are used in almost all forms of clothing like trousers, t shirts, jackets, tote bags, bridal dressing, jewels and many more becoming the fastest growing trend in fashion. Precious stones have always been a catch for the eye. They are glamorous and addictive but very traitorous as it is almost impossible to identify whether it is the real jewel or the synthetic stone with an expensive highly technological coating all over, making the raw look like a sapphire.

The ability of versatility has made rhinestones (and rhinestone t shirts) one of its kinds. It has an impact on both looks and value of the product making it attractive for both buyer and the seller. Jewelry stands as one of the most expensive and valued item of the daily wear package and has its utility in almost everywhere. This requires a wide range of both products as well as its value addressing to the customers of all levels of the society. This trend of rock crystal has answered the need of all by its elegant shape and equine appearance with a mesmerizing impact. It has taken the use from earrings and necklaces to hand bags and t shirts, jackets, shoes and so on.

You will find the bohemian crystal studs in the suiting of the ones walking on the red carpet to the chairperson of the office meeting making it an all fit fashion. Rhinestone wear fashion has taken place parallel to the diamonds wearing trends in the market becoming the hot cake in the hands of elite class who is ready to buy everything expensive as a habit. Rhinestones wear fashion has pushed the industry to not only produce the variety in its products,  shapes, sizes but also the methods used in manufacturing it and utilizing , opening new fields of work in the overall industry.

This brand is being inducted in main culture in so many forms involving the opinions and selection and choices of the customer that it guarantees completes user satisfaction in its own distinct way. It truly has a great depth to grow even more and attract its user to make its market grow keeping itself and its mark on fashion alive and healthy in all features of the society.

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