Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rhinestone Wear: 20% off on Lovely T-Shirts

When two people are in love, there is no day or time to celebrate it as every day is worth cherishing. However, apart from birthdays and anniversaries, a lot of people celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. For most of us, it is one of the most beautiful and romantic days of the entire year. Full of affection, expression and romance, it is the day when people celebrate their love for one another. Some people may light up candles on the dining table, while some may enjoy watching romantic movies along with their loved one; there are a lot of things one can do with their partner on Valentine’s Day.Valentine's Day Rhinestone T-Shirt Designs

There are many ways through which you can choose to celebrate the lovely relation you have with your special one. While some love celebrating the day with traditional gestures like roses, chocolates, romantic cards and jewelry, others love to think out of the box in giving a surprise to their love one. Customized rhinestone t-shirts, personalized mugs, and jewelry make an exceptionally special gift on Valentine day. The best thing about customized rhinestone t-shirts is that you can make a special Valentine day shirt as well. The shirts, which have words straight from the heart, are one of the most thoughtful and special gift you can give to someone you admire the most. Through the Valentine’s Day shirts, one can easily express their love for their partner in front of the whole world.

With love in the air, many businesses provide discounts as well. All thanks to the 20% special discount from Rhinestone Wear, you are now just a few steps away from gifting the love of your life something they will remember all their life. We understand that whatever input you exert on this day is very less as nothing in the world can define the love you have for your loved one. Therefore, we offer a lot of variety on Valentine’s Day t-shirts that you and your partner would definitely adore.

Discount on Valentine's Day Rhinestone T-ShirtsFrom romantic shirts to cute symbolical meaning shirts – everything, we offer during the Valentine’s spree, is something couples can enjoy wearing in the month of February. If none of the Valentine’s Day shirts appeal you, there’s always the choice of custom rhinestone t-shirts for you as well. The best part about rhinestone clothing is that they always give a classy and glamorous effect to the person wearing them. Wouldn’t it make you feel special to see your love wearing this type of shirt with a lovely message on it? The shirts would make the essence of Valentine’s Day even more. With 20% off, it gives you the room to buy something more as well.

It is all about affection; it is all about love you have in your heart for your better half – spending this special day with the love of your life would mean a lot to them. Make sure you express your love in every possible way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


New Year Eve Clothing Traditions around the World!

New Year's Eve Clothing Traiditions

The year 2014, with all of its lovely memories, is finally coming to an end. It is time to welcome 2015 with a bright smile, hope for a better future and with some fabulous dresses that should show your jubilance for the arrival of the New Year! Selection of the right clothes is the key to how you would look on New Year’s Eve. That is a time when almost every single one of your friends will be out enjoying and partying with their friends and you. That is why you must do your best in looking absolutely stunning at all cost. That can be done with the help of several dresses, New Year eve T-shirts and what not!

Rhinestone New Year T-Shirts Designs

New Year Rhinestone Designs and Transfers

On New Year’s Eve, one should prefer to look stunning by wearing what looks best on you rather than what looks new on you. Experimentation on such a night is never a good idea because it is always a gamble. Therefore always try to wear what you know will make you look not just sexy, but alluring as well. It is the last night of 2014 and you would definitely want to look stunning and end the year on a positive note. In order to do that, there are several dresses that you can try if you want to look gorgeous on New Year’s.

For women to look taller on New Year’s night, they can wear heels with matching pants, joining their legs and feet thus making them look taller. That with a combination of turtlenecks because of the winters will make them look absolutely gorgeous! If you don’t want to spend a ton on some new dresses, you can always wear an exquisite top over tights giving a glamorous look. You can wear a frock or a robe and underneath some decent colored tights will look fantastic for your outfits. If you are going to a proper party, then a tuxedo and formal wear will always look fabulous. You can wear a tuxedo on top of your party dress to give yourself a formal and classy look, with a little makeup, and even little touch of jewelry added to it. Another interesting way of dressing up, that would look glamorous and classy all at the same time is with the help of new year t-shirts, specially rhinestone t-shirts! These t-shirts are designed for a more glamorous look and with your favorite image printed with a rhinestone pattern on top of it would be the cherry on top of your outfit for your New Year’s party. These rhinestone t-shirts are the new fashion statement of today and are not going to go out of fashion any time soon. You can even rejuvenate your old clothes with rhinestone transfers!

New Year rhinestone t-shirts along with other dresses are very effective in making you look stunning for the last night of 2014. Therefore, you should decide what to wear right away just to be sure how you’re going to look at night when the clock strikes 12!

Rhinestone T-Shirt for Christmas

girl wearing Rhinestone T-Shirt for Christmas

Christmas T Shirt Design

Christmas is one of the most amazing part of the whole year. It is a time when your family is tightly wrapped up in a blanket warm and cozy and closer together as much as possible. Moreover, it is a time for celebration when you can truly spend one of the best times of your entire life. Now your celebrations can get even glitterier with the help of Rhinestone t-shirts. Rhinestone t shirts are now becoming trendier with the passage of each day. This is because of their unique pattern that is printed on them. Firstly, you need to learn how to make your own Rhinestone T-shirt.

The very basic thing you need to do before anything is to find your very special Christmas pattern that you want to be printed on top of your t-shirt. There are several ideas that would be very interesting for your design. One of those ideas can be a Santa face because no matter what, everyone loves Santa Claus especially if they’re wearing his face. There are other ideas as well such as a Christmas tree with merry Christmas written in it with exotic colors that will make it all the more beautiful. These innovative ideas will look splendid. Once you have the best picture selected, you have to open your software editor and place a transparent layer on top of the image of your choice. Now pick a brush of a decent size and insert dots on the layer above the image that coincide with the image itself. Now continue to do so till you have a visual of the image in your dotted image. Make sure that the dots are equidistant and that they look neat whenever you remove the image from underneath, because that would determine how amazing it would look on top of your t-shirt.

The next thing to do is print that rhinestone image on top of the transfer paper. However, for precautions you should print plain image on a plain paper before printing it on top of the transfer paper to make sure that it looks neat. Once done, use the transfer paper and put it on top of the t-shirt you want to customize. Make sure that the sticky part of the paper is in contact with the t-shirt at the exact place where you want it printed. Once placed, place that image under an iron for about 20 to 25 seconds. After that remove the iron and see if the sticky part of the paper is completely pasted on the shirt. If not then iron the shirt for a further 20 to 25 seconds to make sure that the paper is completely transferred on top of the shirt. After that, voila! You have your printed Rhinestone T-shirt. You can wear it as long as you want.

With simple technology and your creativity, you can have some uniquely designed rhinestone t-shirts for Christmas at your home.