Rhinestone Jewelry – DIY Bridal Accessories with Swarovski Rhinestones

rhinestone jewelry and swarovski rhinestone bridal accessoriesRhinestone Bridal Jewelry

Women love fashion, and when it comes to their weddings, there is no compromise at all. One of the important fashion items women tend to use these days for their big day is the rhinestone jewelry.

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DIY bridal accessories are all about fashion and craze – they are extremely trendy and they are easy to make through Swarovski rhinestones. The best thing about DIY bridal accessories with Swarovski rhinestones is that you can utilize it in a lot of fashionable items.

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Following are a few ideas and tips that can help you:

For most of the ladies, the first word that rings the bell in their head when hearing the word rhinestone is jewelry. Weddings are about looking unique on the special day, and rhinestone bridal jewelry makes you achieve that target efficiently. Through pins and Swarovski rhinestones, you can easily make your very own bridal brooch. You can also make a necklace or a bracelet that matches your wedding dress through Swarovski and additional components.

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Rhinestone Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal jewelry is imperative, but the other items you carry with yourself on the big day should also complement one another. Tiaras, barrettes, veils, bridal combs and headbands are what most of the girls prefer wearing on their weddings. The best part is that all of these mentioned items can be made with Swarovski rhinestones as well. By getting a plain item, you can decorate it with the stones as per your choice. Veils would look exceptionally stunning – just by decorating parts of it with rhinestones; the little sparkle falling on your face will steal everyone’s gaze.

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Rhinestone Bridal Shoes

There are three ways in which you can decorate your bridal shoes – decorating the bottom or the top or perhaps, choosing both. Most of the brides choose to affix the Swarovski rhinestones on the upper part of the high heels they wear. This beautifully adds extra shimming look to the heels and sparkles when they walk. For a subtle shine, adding rhinestones to the sole of the high heels would be great. If you are not the type of girl who prefers wearing high heels, you can add rhinestones to your desired shoes, and they’ll sparkle all the ways as well.

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More Rhinestone Bridal Accessories

There are a lot of more accessories for brides that can be decorated with rhinestones as well. If you plan on wearing a bridal sash, add sparkle to it by decorating it with rhinestones. Before the big day, you can get yourself rhinestone bridal t-shirts made with Swarovski. The best thing about rhinestone bridal t-shirts is that they are fun, and you can use them after your wedding as well.

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DIY bridal items can never let a bride down – especially when she is using rhinestones as the elements for decoration. Go wild for your big day by using the Swarovski rhinestones and make your wedding day the most special day of your life.


Latest Fashion Trends in Valentine’s Day Clothing!

As 2015 begins with high hopes and new dreams, one of the most awaited events of the year is also packed around the corner. With Valentine’s Day knocking our doors, everyone is excited and curious to do the best for their loved ones this year as well. With the special day dedicated to the sweethearts and love birds, most of the people around the world love celebrating this day.

People celebrate this day by giving special gifts, flowers, chocolates, romantic cards and diamonds to their partners. Married couples go out for a romantic candle light dinner, and singles look for dates in the restaurants or parks. Everyone celebrates love on this special day.

For many people, dressing the best for this particular day matters a lot as well. With 2015 just beginning, are you aware of the stylish trends you need to follow for this 2015’s Valentine Day?

Happy Valentine's Day

Fashion Trends for Women for Valentine’s Day

Women are very particular about their styling and looks. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, women desire to become more gorgeous, trendy and stylish for their special one. Since the dressing of a woman is the main part of the looks, here are the tips you need to follow for Valentine’s Day 2015:

Valentine's Day Women Clothing Trends

Handbags, jewelry, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, stitching of the dress and the type of clothing – these are the things that need to have the most attention on Valentine’s Day. They not only build up your personality, but also give you an elegant look.

Wearing floral colors is the best color scheme to follow this year. Colors like pink, red and other floral colors give the essence of romantic, affection and love to the eyes of the viewers. Red is the color of love – make sure you add a little blend of it in your outfit. If you want to go for t-shirts, you can also wear a Valentine’s Day rhinestone t-shirt with a pair of jeans.

Chunky and bold pieces of jewelry have been a major hit in 2014, and the trend continues this year as well. With such jewelry, add smoky eye makeup and a beautiful hairdo, and you’re got to stun the love of your life on the special day. Wear a cute bracelet on your hand and a beautiful, stunning ring that compliments the attire and your look.

Pumps, stilettos, and high heels are the sexiest things women can gift their feet. Wouldn’t it look fabulous to wear such shoes on the special day as well?

Fashion Trends for Men for Valentine’s Day

It is not just about women nowadays – even men are very particular about their fashion styles. From a class to swag, men would love to pull off what suits them the most. For this particular day, they would only want their lady to gaze at their way. If this is your case as well, here are the trends you need to follow on this year’s Valentine Day:

It is important to dress up the way you feel confident as you need to free yourself towards the loved one, eventually coming to the time when you have to propose them. The most classic, yet fashionable attire for men comprises of a stunning dress that makes your look handsome, a nice hairstyle, great pair of shoes and a wrist watch.

Men Valentine's Day Clothing Trends

If you are willing to go casual, wear a colorful shirt with a pair of jeans. If formal, then make sure that your necktie is bright as it is a vibrant day.

A chain wrist watch complements the overall look and enhances the personality. Hairstyle should be up-to-date as well. Pointed dress shoes were a major hit in 2014, so you can still wear them this year as well.

All these trends are what made 2014 fashionable year, and they still prevail in this year as well. Make sure you follow them to impress the love of your life this year as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day!