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Love is in the air, so why isn’t it on your t-shirt yet? This Valentine’s Day shout out your love with bold, sparkling rhinestones statements on our customized Valentine’s Day t-shirts. Embellish your love statements with glitzy rhinestones and glitter and let the world know that your love is not just a trivial affair but a lifetime devotion to that special someone. When it comes to love, we believe that words are never enough, so we provide you the perfect opportunity to make your loved one feel special in your own unique way. Our t-shirts are the canvases that overflow with the creative juices of our customers. On this special day express your creativity with our individual as well as couples custom made t-shirts woven from the finest quality fabrics and tailor made to perfection as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


You can now avail an amazing discount of 20% off on special Valentine’s Day rhinestone t-shirts. You can customize your shirt with not only personalized love quotes/names but also get quotes and more designs at our custom t-shirt designs page. You can choose from an array of designs available at our specialized website.    Let our team of highly dedicated designers aid you in creating the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that is a true depiction of your love. Surprise your loved ones, with a personalized gifted t-shirt. We believe in individuality and making personal fashion statements so you can wear your heart on your sleeve with style on this Valentine’s Day and dare to express beyond words.

Within a matter of minutes, you can create custom rhinestone t-shirts with an array of specialized font styles and graphic symbols present at our website. We offer you fitting styles from fitted-to-plus sizes; all of your t-shirt needs are just a click away from your doorstep. We realize that each of our invaluable customers has their own style; thus, we have a variety of t-shirt designs from sporty to classy, v-necks to tank tops. We present to you the ideal unisex t-shirts customizable for the modern man and woman. After completing five easy steps, you will have your love statement tees at your doorstep. We believe in customer satisfaction, that’s why we encourage you to read our shipping policies and return information before ordering. Products are delivered within 3-5 working days.


We realize that “to err is human”. If we make a mistake, that’s why we offer you a 100% replacement guarantee and in case, a complete refund. You can find out as much information from our website, for more information our customer services team is available to cater to all of your queries and design needs. We guarantee high-quality t-shirts, decorated with the highest quality rhinestones. Have a tryst with rhinestones, without compromising on comfort and quality. Let the world be dazzled with the shine of your love adorned in your own sense of fashion. Let your love be your bling on this 14th February for you and your loved one.

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New Year Rhinestone T-Shirts Designs

New Year Rhinestone Designs and Transfers

As unbelievable as it sounds, the year 2014 is finally drawing up to an end. It has truly been a remarkable year for millions of people across the globe, and everyone is enthusiastic for the New Year, 2015 to finally show up. Everyone wants Christmas holidays to come sooner and why not. Anyone would love to celebrate New Year with their loved ones. It is one of the best holidays in the entire season where families and friends can finally join each other and share moments of laughter, joy and love.

There are many ways of course to celebrate Happy New Year. One of the subtle ways to continuously show your jubilation for the arrival of 2015 is with the help of rhinestone t-shirts. Happy New Year Rhinestone t-shirts are an enormous success among people who love to celebrate the new years and want everyone to join them in their celebrations. It shows a sign of hope as well as determination to do better and to hope for the best in the New Year. Rhinestone t-shirts are the fashion statement of today, and they are an instant success in nearly every fashion segment that you may find in the modern world. The best part is that before New Year, you can now get 20% OFF on your rhinestone as well.

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More importantly, their feasibility and ease to create them makes it even bigger success. You can put your entire creativity in your t-shirts and ensure that you can show the world of how much your fashion taste is unique. For all the celebration, we are giving away 20% discount on the rhinestone t shirts as well.

The procedure to make Rhinestone t-shirts is fairly straightforward. There are a few basic things that you require first, if you want to make your own Rhinestone t-shirt. First of all you will need an image; also you will need a software editing tool. You will also need Rhinestone transfers and Rhinestone printers in order to make sure that your Happy New Year Rhinestone t-shirt becomes a reality. Now the first thing you need to do is find the image you want to draw on your t-shirt. Keep in mind that its dimensions fit your t-shirt in the first place. Once that is done, all you have to do is place a transparent layer on top of the image and place dots on it such that the dots make an exact impression of the image. Remove the image from underneath and see if the dots are equidistant. Voila, you have your own made rhinestone pattern. Now what you have to do is print that pattern on your rhinestone transfer paper with the help of the special printers. Once you have your pattern, remove the sticky end from the transfer and iron it on top of the t-shirt for around 20 minutes. Your rhinestone t-shirt is ready to wear! Best part is, if you do not have these facilities at your place, you can now get New Year rhinestone t-shirts at an incredible discount! It means your fantasies of self-designed rhinestone t-shirts will be fulfilled at low cost!

Happy New Year t-shirts have been made much interesting and innovative with the help of Rhinestone t-shirts. Along with the use of rhinestone t shirts, you can even avail a 20% for the Happy New Year shirt as well. Therefore make sure that you have your special t-shirt printed for the New Year and enjoy it as much as you can to welcome 2015 into your lives!

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Girl wearing thanksgiving t-shirt

Thanksgiving T-shirt Design

Thanksgiving is celebrated widely in the United States as well as Canada as one of the most famous events in all of North America and other corners of the world. It is a holiday observed by people to sit down together with family and friends to enjoy a happy meal. Breaking all barriers, the family members and friends get together for thanksgiving dinner and spend a moment with each other at least once a year.

For all the foodies, the thanksgiving dinner is a special incentive for them to let go of their restricted diet and enjoy a fully home-cooked meal by themselves with the people they adore. Moreover, in order to celebrate this holiday even in a more fun way, you have a chance to buy your favorite Thanksgiving T-shirts.

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Rhinestone T-shirts and garments are becoming extremely popular with the passage of time. It is a unique dotted pattern that is becoming very common these days and is relatively easy to print upon garments such as jackets, clothes, T-shirts, purses and what not. custom rhinestone t shirts, custom rhinestone t shirts, custom rhinestone t shirts,

With Thanksgiving nearing up, people decide to get Thanksgiving Rhinestone T Shirts printed so that they could celebrate and show their love for this holiday even more. Below is some of the variety of the Thanksgiving T-shirts (available at our store), and how can they be useful for you:

  • Thanksgiving Bling T-shirts are particularly very popular among people, and it would look almost perfect if you put it on a baby.
  • The Gobble-Gobble T-shirts are perfect for foodies to wear to show how much they love having a Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, which is a tradition followed in almost every home.
  • The Turkey T-shirts are also available for children as it looks extremely adorable on them.
  • Now, you can also have customized Thanksgiving T-shirts! All you have to do is just send us a Rhinestone transfer print of the image that you want to have printed with rhinestones. You can even send us a plain picture, and we will have it printed on the color of shirt that you desire!

The shirts that we provide are 100% cotton and ideal to be worn in the fall when Thanksgiving is due. The best part about buying from us is that we are providing you the best shirts at a 20% discount! This is a mouthwatering deal for some adorable t-shirts that can be yours with just a simple press of a button on your computer.

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A few dollars spent on our t-shirts will give you so many memories with your friends that spending that money would be totally worth it. Hurry up and fully enjoy the holidays of Thanksgiving and enjoy it in your comfortable, affordable and amazing Thanksgiving Rhinestone T Shirts bought from us at a 20% discount. The clock is ticking, and you should not wait much to avail this opportunity before the stocks run out, and you are deprived of your t-shirts on Thanksgiving.

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Grab Your Halloween Rhinestone T-Shirts Now!

Grab your Halloween Rhinestone ShirtsIt’s that time of the year, when being the odd one is what makes you unique. Halloween is an occasion on which you can dress up in the craziest way possible and still get away with it. custom rhinestone t shirts, custom rhinestone t shirts, custom t shirts

If you are looking to add some sparkles to your costume this year, then Rhinestone Wear can help you out. We offer a vast variety Halloween rhinestone t-shirts.

Our Halloween rhinestone t-shirts are all created keeping the haunting atmosphere of this event in mind. You can wear our t-shirts as a part of your costume.

Halloween is all about FUN!

If you plan on being a punk rocker, you can throw on one of our shirts with a crazy wig and some funky jewelry. If you  plan on being the Wicked Witch of the West then paint your face green, put on a pointy hat and put a long overcoat over one of our specially designed Halloween rhinestone t-shirts.

These t-shirts can help you come up with so many innovative ideas for your costume such as dressing up as Sabrina the Teenage Witch or one of your favorite singers.

If you are not big on the costume wearing tradition, you can wear one of these t-shirts just for the heck of it.

If your kid is looking to walk down your neighborhood with something that would make him or her different from the rest of the trick-o-treaters, then Rhinestone Wear can help in brightening up your kid’s costume.

Halloween gives us another opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. This occasion gives you the chance to come together with your loved ones and just have fun playing games, watching horror movies and telling ghost stories. You can add a little more excitement to this event by offering these t-shirts to the people who win the Halloween games or tells the best ghost story, or you can just buy them as Halloween giveaways.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, the spirit of Halloween seems to be at its peak. Rhinestone Wear wants to add a little sparkle to this spirit by announcing a 20% discount on all its Halloween rhinestone t-shirts. We are sure this news must be a breath of fresh air for the people planning Halloween parties.

We are offering high quality Halloween rhinestone t-shirts at very fair prices. Our t-shirts provide both verbal and visual delight and are fun to look at and put on. With so much Halloween craziness going on these days its best that you do not wait till the last minute, since our discount sale ends on the 23rd of October. So don’t miss the chance to get hold of this golden opportunity and contact us now to indulge in the ghoulish festivity of this season. Happy Halloween!