Accessorize the bridal look with rhinestones

Rhinestones are stones that imitate a diamond in design and are made of paste, glass or gem quartz. The word rhinestones came from the factory which used energy supplied by the Rhine river that passes through Austria. Moreover, these stones were crystals originally collected from the shore of river Rhine itself. Later on, in the 18th century an Alsatian jeweler Georg Friedrich Strass was hit by an idea to cover the glass metal of these stones by a metal powder coating to enhance the sparkle and shine reflecting from the stones. As a result, in many European languages these stones are referred to as strass.

How do rhinestones come handy for brides?
Rhinestones are used for many purpose be it for jewellery, on costumes, on shoes, etc. Here is how you can glam up your bridal attire using rhinestones:

  1. Rhinestone belts– the wedding day is the most special day for any women. She has to look perfect from head to toe. Embellishing a wedding gown with rhinestones is a sure shot way to enhance the look. One can get such gowns either custom made or sew the rhinestones on the dress themselves. The belts can be worn as a sash, waist belt, or on the outlines of the sleeves.
  2. Rhinestone buttons– this is a simple yet elegant way to up the glam quotient of a bridal dress. Such buttons can be sewn in the center of a brooch bouquet. Brooch bouquet flowers are ideally made with chiffon or lace and the rhinestone button is put in the centre.
  3. Rhinestone headbands– headbands studded with rhinestones can be worn as a statement piece. The right type of headband can accessorize the whole look. Choose the best option going by the width of the band, the way in which rhinestones have been put together (flowers, butterflies, etc.) and the color of the metal. A headband can also be glued to the veil to make it look more elegant.
  4. Rhinestone barrette– today’s bride can choose from a number of hairdos as there are so many styles to choose from. They can go for a classic up do or let their hair loose in open curls or anything that falls in between. Recently, brides have been found opting for rhinestones studded barrettes and hair combs. Such accessories accentuate the hair style thus adding more to the look.
  5. Rhinestone jewellery– the jewellery made out of rhinestones gives an appeal equal to that of diamond jewellery but at half the price or even less. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, etc. every item falling under the category of jewellery can be found in a rhinestone variant. Moreover, rhinestones can be used together with pearls for jewellery as well.
  6. Rhinestones for nail art– this trend is fast gaining popularity among women. It is even more suited for a wedding occasion.  By going for right nail polish shade and the right way to embellish rhinestones on the nails one can create a perfect look for the nails. Challenge the old plain nails formula with this fresh and fun way to glamorize the whole bridal look.

One of the advantages with rhinestones is that they come in various colors and sizes. There is no dearth of options when it comes to creating a fascinating look with rhinestones. They can be glued to your dress, worn as jewelleries and embellished in hair accessories for giving an edge to the whole bridal look. And one of the assured ways to do so is having fun with the rhinestones.

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